The Heart of Soul


Hide and Look for is a terrific video game to play with your kids a course in miracles youtube. The next time you play this game observe exactly what occurs. If you are the individual concealing your eyes as well as counting to 10, feel just what takes place to your heart as you seek your youngsters.

If you listen, my hunch is that your heart and creative imagination will increase. Because you can not see your youngsters before you, an activity from the affective globe to the intuitive globe becomes your path right into spirit. You are, currently, being assisted from within. In heart, you will certainly feel your heart come alive. You will feel your heart open. And, you will certainly experience your heart turn into one with your children Soul.

1. Feeling Your Heart.

Shut your eyes and position your focus on your heart. Take a look at your heart from within utilizing the internal vision of your mind, and not, the ones you make use of in the material globe. This basic act of noticing and also putting your interest on your heart allows you to feel your heart.

2. Feeling Your Heart Open.

The next time you hug someone you care deeply about, really feel how warm and open your heart ends up being. It is a similar feeling you get when you obtain excellent news or browse through a person you have not seen in a long time. An open heart is able to obtain the love and attention of an additional person who wants the same. This shared receiving and also giving love attach hearts as one natural system.

3. A Unified Heart.

A heart in unity with the globe, itself, and also others around it recognizes integrity. Wholeness is the feeling of being ONE with all that lives as well as well. It is the sensation of being liked, honored, recognized, as well as took care of. This feeling of being attached to the unified whole called the universe is our capacity to identify past our very own individualized selves. This transcendent state of being develops an understanding of just what instills our heart with everlasting love.


Notification exactly what takes place when you play Hide as well as Look for with a toddler. The closer you reach locating them, the a lot more you will feel your heart. Your heart will certainly open to a network of expression and also experience where physical sight is not essential. This directing pressure enabling you to feel your heart, enable your heart to open up, and produce a course combining 2 hearts as ONE is the heart of heart.

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